Empaths & Narcassists Series

From Jackson MacKenzie's Book: Psychopath Free


Research Jezebel and Ahab Quickly as Prophecy is Being Fulfilled Before Our Eyes!

 ~* New Series on Empathics & Narcissists *~    aka Jezebel & Ahab Spirits


Red Flag #1:

You are the only one who sees their true colors. No matter what they do, they always seem to have a fan club cheering for them. The psychopath uses these people for money, resources and attention-but the fan club won't notice, because this person strategically distracts them with shallow praise. Psychopaths are able to maintain superficial friendships far longer than relationships."

"I cannot fix a toxic relationship (because toxic people cannot change), but I can give you a place to start. And I can promise that you will feel joy again. You will learn to trust your intuition.

You will walk this world with the wisdom of a survivor and the gentle wonder of a dreamer.
But first, you need to forget everything you thought you knew about people.

Understanding psychopathy requires letting go of your basic instincts. Remember, these are people who prey on forgiveness. They thrive for your need for closure. They manipulate compassion and exploit empathy.

Since the dawn of time, psychopaths have waged psychological warfare on others-humiliating and shaming kind, unsuspecting victims-people who never asked for it; people who aren't even aware of the war until it's over.
But that is all about to change."

~* Now for me personally using absolutes in language like "always" and "never" is something I try to stay away from as I do believe in an instant The Creator can heal anyone of anything. Hence the reason some of us stay as long as we do.

Also I would comment that we are dealing with spiritual warfare and prayer changes things. The easiest way to have success with a Jezebel spirit is to stop being Ahab. It's textbook codependency here on the physical and a battle for your soul spiritually.

Each slide will contain a trait to look for, red flag, yellow light, warning bells to look for as well as relevant commentary from the book to go with it. Abba willing!

Featuring direct quotes from Jackson MacKenzie's: Psychopath Free.

I encourage you all to grab this precious gem up today. Healing may be found within but first we need to realize what needs healing.

Keeping in mind the role for either can be played the masculine or the feminine.

5G Solution That Is Getting Results.

                ~* New Series on Empathics & Narcissists *~   aka Jezebel & Ahab spirits


Red Flag #2:


They are constantly surrounded by other people, stimulated and praised at all times. They can't tolerate being alone for an extended period of time. They become quickly uninterested by anything that doesn't directly impact them in a positive or thrilling way. At first, you might think they're exciting and worldly, and you feel inferior for preferring familiarity and consistency.

Snippet: The Serial Provoker

Serial provokers are experts at seeking out flexible, easy going people (primarily empathy or a successful individual to whom they can attach their own agenda)

They exploit this quality by constantly provoking their target with cover jabs, minimization, veiled humor, and patronizing.

The target will attempt to avoid conflict by remaining pleasant, choosing to forgive, and excuse the behavior in favor of maintaining harmony.

But the serial provoker will continue to aggravate the target until they finally snap.
Once this occurs, the provoker will sit back, feign surprise, and marvel at how passive-aggressive, angry and volatile the target is.

The target will immediately feel bad, apologize, and absorb the blame. They are essentially shamed for rightfully losing their patience and behaving in a way the serial provoker behaves every single day.

The difference is, the target feels remorse-the serial provoker does not. The target is expected to remain calm and peaceful no matter what while the serial provoker feels entitled to do whatever they please.

Jackson MacKenzie
Psychopath Free